Skill development and knowledge
transfer in low emission transportation

LEVEL (Low Emission Vehicle Enterprise and Learning) delivers skills training, knowledge transfer, business networking, master classes and conferences promoting the adoption of low emission vehicle technologies


Mobility-as-a-Service – The end of car ownership and the future of transport?

28th November, 2018

Delivering a UK Electric Vehicle Charging Network Conference

31st October, 2018

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Fleet Masterclass

28th September, 2018

Electric Vehicle Charging Innovations – Industry Showcase

28th June, 2018


Thank you so much for inviting us to yesterday’s event. In my 7 years with electric vehicles I have never attended such a useful, well attended and expertly run event. It truly was a great day. Thanks again.

Charles Roberts. POD Point Ltd

Great day. It was one of the best attended events I’ve been to in recent times in terms of both quality and quantity of attendees. Please let me know if you’re running anything similar in the future. We’ve spent considerable sums in the past to get far less back than we did yesterday.

Jim Short, Smart Parking Technology

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